STEIN Philosophy

Leadership Culture with a future Perspective

In order to be able to maintain its position as one of the leading technological companies today, it requires immense technical know-how and well-structured processes – that much is self-evident. In addition, however, it also requires managers who are able to master the growing challenges posed by increasingly demanding management tasks. The organisation must be constantly developed, personnel development must not be lost sight of, difficult discussions must be held and conflicts resolved, and not in the end one should also take care of oneself. In these complex challenges, STEIN Automation GmbH & Co. KG supports its managers in these complex challenges.

Your contact persons

Jürgen Noailles

Managing Director

“At STEIN we don’t just work together – we work with each other. This is important because new ideas and inspirations flourish in a pleasant climate and benefit everyone. We respect every employee and his or her work and express this through our dealings with each other.”

Phone:     +49 (0) 7720 8307-0


Martin Magrian

Sales Director

“My goal is to sell sustainably successful solutions that make life easier for our customers. Reliability and competence are my top priorities. To support our customers with technical and functional solutions are our strengths”.

Phone:     +49 (0)7720 8307- 20
+49 (0) 170 9565128


Jochen Wurm

Deputy Sales Manager

“In my daily work I am the direct contact person for our customers and interested parties. With the appropriate professional competence, I show my contact persons how to optimise solutions for their assembly processes and to realise them in the best possible way with STEIN Automation products. The fact that I am always facing new tasks makes my job very interesting and varied. The individual support of the customers is always in focus”.

Phone:     +49 (0) 2305 9681-53
Mobile:     +49 (0) 171 4892656


Daniel Heinrich

Key Account Manager

“As a project manager at STEIN Automation, I supervise projects from the quotation to the acceptance at the customer. Due to the different processes and tasks, my job is very diversified. Each project is unique and is also considered as such.”

Phone:     +49 (0) 7720 8307-43

Mobile:     +49 (0) 171 5666279


Timo Nutz

Technical Sales

“The daily task to satisfy our customers is a big and important part of my job. We have a successful team here with competent and great colleagues. Only through a good and successful cooperation with the customer it is possible to grow and meet the tasks. Everybody works with a lot of joy and enthusiasm, it’s nice when everybody pulls together.”

Phone:     +49 (0) 7720 8307- 62
Mobile:     +49 (0) 175 6932929




Goran Molnar

Replacement part sales / STEIN 300 components

“My ambition is to meet the demands of our customers again and again – whether by providing supporting information or speedy order processing. Every day, we are confronted with a wide variety of challenges that need to be overcome. These include urgent spare parts deliveries; enquiries and orders for individual components as well as components for complete plants. For all this to work smoothly, a functioning process in all areas is essential. It gives me great pleasure to be a part of this whole and to be able to make my contribution to it”.

Phone:     +49 (0) 7720 8307-27



Thomas Holfeld

Material Management / Organisation

“Today, our customers are often also our suppliers. That is why it is important to live and maintain these partnerships at eye level in the long term. Quality and reliability are of particular concern to me”.

Phone:     +49 (0) 7720 8307-22

The people behind the solutions

At STEIN, we don’t just help each other with our work – we work together. This is important, because new ideas and inspiration thrive in a pleasant atmosphere, benefiting everyone. We respect every employee and their work and this is reflected in the way we deal with each other. For us, one idea is key: at STEIN, our employees don’t work for a company; they are part of the company. Only then are individuals happy to con-tribute to the greater whole with their own independent work, which we nurture and value.


Masterful Solutions
Even everyday work can be improved. Lots of ideas for improvement come from our employees.
Great Teamwork
At STEIN, working together is not just a method but a conviction.
Direct customer contact
80% of our employees communicate directly with customers.
Learning is part of working
STEIN takes on apprentices in the company every year, investing in the future in the process.
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