STEIN Control

Configuration instead of programming
With STEIN Logistik, STEIN takes over the control of the production processes and the communication with the work stations. The sophisticated and proven tried and tested control system has been in use on the market for more than 25 years and inspires the users with its simple operation and flexibility. Order management, product management and especially the timetable can be easily created and changed without SPS programming knowledge. Especially in times of Industry 4.0 the vertical integration by STEIN CONTROL is possible for many years (ERP/MES).

Efficient service package for your logistics

Benefit from the simple configuration

The STEIN CONTROL includes production relevant functions that are decisive for your success. The all-encompassing STEIN CONTROL can be applied to every type of production and is based on an innovative configuration of the individual modules such as

  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Workflows

Successful STEIN users configure their line according to their individual needs. Evaluations in the phases of maintenance, commissioning and data transfer to superordinate systems are “daily work”.

Control Philosophy

Control Philosophy

The flow of materials made possible by an efficient system is the lifeline of a successful production operation. However, a system can only be as efficient as its controls.

For this reason, there is more than just a clever design and good software behind the STEIN 300 system controls – they are the product of a philosophy that STEIN applies to all of its systems: to make work easier for customers and go the crucial extra mile in development. As a result, STEIN controls are prepared for almost any change, conversion or expansion that may take place in a production process over the years. Thanks to our many ­years of experience in developing interfaces with mechanical engineering companies, our customers can rest assured that choosing STEIN is the right decision when it comes to controls as well as components. Every transfer system we supply is commissioned and tested at STEIN and accepted by the customer on our premises. This means that every system is tested and delivered in working order. Clever customers think ahead – with controls that are pre­pared for any eventuality and are extremely easy to operate.

Product Management

Product Management

From mixed production lot size 1 to pure series production, each product can be created and supplemented with additional parameters via the product management.

Workflows can be attached to each product to include the individual route in case of an order. Product parameters can be easily output at the workstations – variants (e.g. connector type, colour).

This gives you the necessary flexibility in the age of Industry 4.0 to map your product portfolio individually.



The heart of the control system is the Workflow. Here you can configure production processes without any programming knowledge. Depending on the result of the work station, the pallets with your product moves to the next desired station. The RFID technology in the STEIN system is used for unique identification of the workpiece pallets. Data are stored decentrally in the master. In addition to the classic “moving from station to station”, STEIN is also capable of process-oriented transport. Here, the station reports which process it is set up for. In the process-oriented Workflow, instead of traveling to a station a process e.g. winding wire thickness 2 is the target.
Order Management

Order Management

The order control offers the user the ability to start, stop and delete jobs. These can be processed as single, parallel or endless orders.

In addition to the classic order parameters, signal numbers can be defined or the number of the pallets per order can be assigned.



STEIN visualises the status of the individual conveyor controls in a siple and meaningful way via the diagnostics package. In addition, the status of each control is displayed on the control itself. In the event of service, the user can see what the status is and effectively solve the problem with the help function.
Vertical networking

Vertical networking

ERP/MES connection – From simple displays to traceability, STEIN is able to exchange information with many different systems. This offers the freedom to bring transparency into the company.


The STEIN 300 has a fixed place in over 3,900 assembly halls. With a vast range of customers and in a wide variety of configurations.

From a simple circuit right through to ERP connection or traceability functionality, each installation is custom-made for our customers using a standard toolkit.

STEIN 300e

STEIN promotes the trend towards electrification with the STEIN 300e, which is based on the STEIN 300. Instead of pneumatics, the stoppers, transfer units or centering devices are controlled via electric drives. This is particularly a big advantage for cleanroom applications. As a side benefit, your production is more environmentally friendly.


The STEIN 400 performs particularly heavy jobs. It transports heavy workpieces weighing up to 80 kg safely and effortlessly through the production process.

Despite the heavy parts, configuration and control of the system is still easy with tried-and-trusted STEIN CONTROL Solution.