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Assemblyline transfer systems are our passion and strength. We want to accompany our customers’ workpieces along the assembly line as intelligently, carefully and safely as possible.

Our promise

Automation and logistics for the industry of tomorrow

In logistics, STEIN has laid down the foundations for Industry 4.0, which has had a major role in shaping our portfolio since 1992. We have been bringing our extensive logistics and data-processing experience to the market since 1992 with our logistics management services. Networked production plants are intelligently controlled using RFID technology.
Stein-Automation STEIN 300


With STEIN LEAN you can process your production cycle completely from start to finish in one flow.
Stein-Automation STEIN 300


The STEIN 300 has a fixed place in over 3,900 assembly halls. With a vast range of customers and in a wide variety of configurations.


STEIN 300e

Instead of pneumatics, the stoppers, transfer units or centering devices are controlled via electric drives.



The STEIN 400 performs particularly heavy jobs. It transports heavy workpieces weighing up to 80 kg safely and effortlessly through the production process.
Stein-Automation STEIN 300

STEIN Control

The well-engineered control system without special SPS programming knowledge inspires the users by simple operation and flexibility.

Experience and service go hand in hand for us

At STEIN, working together is not just a method but a conviction. 80% of our employees communicate directly with customers. Even everyday work can be improved. Lots of ideas for improvement come from our employees.



Meters of conveyor

Continuing a good tradition

Continuing a good tradition

We believe that serving our customers not only means providing them with expertise and powerful solutions, but also means cultivating long-term, collaborative relationships sustained by mutual trust. With our stable base of regular customers and motivated, long-serving employees, our future looks bright.

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Where are we strong? Transfer to the future

In the age of Industry 4.0, production is gradually changing. Keywords such as batch size 1, variant diversity, networking and process-orientated production flows are important requirements that a transfer system will have to satisfy in the future. When it comes to transitioning processes, it is important to take a holistic approach right from the start. STEIN has already implemented many solutions and is working on more.
Short delivery times are becoming increasingly important. Purchase decisions are often delayed as long as possible for cash-flow reasons. The STEIN modular system grows individually in millimeter increments.

Components are delivered within 4 to 6 weeks

Including STEIN CONTROL within 10 to 12 weeks


STEIN CONTROL achieves great things whilst remaining absolutely  transparent and easy to use. As a result, after a brief introduction anyone can assign schedules for different product variants. Orders and schedules are easy to configure You work with the proven STEIN Standard > 3,900 plants

STEIN stands for intelligent and efficient control of workpiece carriers. Situational decisions are competently implemented by STEIN CONTROL. This creates security for your process sequences.

Horizontal communication ERP/MES-connection

Batch size 1, mixed production up to the Boomerang Workflow


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