STEIN Softmove

STEIN 300, STEIN 300e, STEIN 500
Thanks to Softmove, we transport our customers’ products from station to
station very gently and with maximum energy efficiency. The intelligent EC motors are directly controlled by the STEIN LOGISTICS and can thus prevent the hard impact. Motors are switched off as soon as they are not needed. This saves energy and reduces wear. By STEIN SOFTMOVE the noise is drastically reduced and leads to a pleasant working environment.

Extremely soft transport with the greatest efficiency.


Using SOFTMOVE, thanks to the automatic switching on and off of transport belts as required, unnecessary motor running can be avoided – this allows power consumption to be reduced by up to 80 %.

Cleanly transferred

SOFTMOVE improves working conditions in production and leads to lower servicing costs because machine soiling is considerably reduced.


Machine maintenance costs are also reduced by using SOFTMOVE. But primarily, their life as a whole is extended – which is of special long-term value.


Since STEIN LOGISTIC is able to identify the exact position of every pallet, the belt drive motors can be reg­ulated to ensure that there are no hard collisions and to prevent them from running when it is not necessary.

The pallet makes contact with a stopper latch before striking a stopper, at which point the intelligent system re­duces the speed to stop the component softly. If the belt is informed that there is no further need for transportation, it is automatically switched off. As it happens, this results in a potential saving of up to 80% in energy consumption.

Workpiece transport the gentle way

Velvet gloves for production

In production operations, speed is of the essence. To ensure that pallets never collide hard despite travelling at high speeds and in large volumes, STEIN has developed SOFTMOVE technology. This enables the extremely gentle transport of sensitive products while reducing wear, dirt and system noise, helping to save time, energy and money. In production operations, all of these benefits are worth a great deal, and we are proud to say that only STEIN has combined them so successfully with SOFTMOVE. With SOFTMOVE, STEIN has set the benchmark for the ­handling of sensitive workpieces – much further afield than the Black Forest.

The intelligent technology of SOFTMOVE allows the auto­matic control of motors (so long as the drive belts are equipped with EC motors) based on the STEIN SOFTMOVE algorithm. The resulting strengths of SOFTMOVE and the respective concrete benefits are listed below. Which of these advan­tages are most important in production is something our customers know best – but of course we are always happy to offer advice about the possible applications of SOFTMOVE.


reduces energy consumption

enormous cost savings in the long term

prevents pallets from colliding hard

gentle on your product (greater efficiency, more good parts)

reduces wear and tear

longer system service life, lower maintenance costs and greater output

less dirt

improved work conditions, less maintenance

reduces system noise

quieter production, fewer employees on sick leave, improved quality at manual workstations