STEIN 300 components

Workpiece carriers

  • Workpiece carriers (WT)3D


  • Conveyor with plastic guide rail3D
  • Conveyor with roller cassettes3D
  • Conveyor with open pulley system3D
  • Process conveyor3D
  • Folding element3D

Transfer and turning units

  • U90 EC motor3D
  • U90 AC motor3D
  • U180 (PB≤280 mm) AC motor3D
  • U180 (PB>280 mm) AC motor3D


  • DC motor3D
  • AC motor3D

Centring devices

  • Centring rail (ZS)3D
  • Lift centring device (HZE)3D
  • Lift centring device (HZE) with holding-down clamp3D
  • Lift centring device with extended stroke (HZEV)3D
  • Centring device (ZED)3D

Column bases

  • Single column (ST)3D
  • Double column (DST)3D


  • Stopper (S)3D
  • Pre-stopper (VS)3D
  • Workstation stopper (AS)3D
  • Inlet stopper (ES)3D
  • Workstation stopper (ASA, ASB and ASC)3D
  • Stop fitting (SEAE)3D

ASI - stoppers

  • ASI stopper (S)3D
  • ASI pre-stopper (ASI-VS)3D
  • ASI workstation stopper (ASI-AS)3D
  • ASI inlet stopper (ASI-ES)3D
  • ASI workstation stopper (ASA, ASB and ASC)3D
  • ASI SoftMove pre-stopper (ASI-VSSM)3D

Stops, sensors and accessories