The front edge of centring rails is tapered to guide workpiece carriers onto the centring pins. Once the workpiece carrier reaches the workstation location, the widest part of the centring rails is found between the centring pins, ensuring a a positioning accuracy of 0.2 mm.



If greater positioning accuracy is required, we recommend using a centring device (ZED) or lift centring device (HZE), both of which hold the workpiece carrier in place using centring bolts. (Accuracy: ± 0.02mm)

Centring rail (ZS)

Centring rails are mainly used when workpiece carriers need to be positioned with maximum accuracy (± 0.2 mm) in the area of a manual workstation. Of course, the same centring method can also be used in automated processing stations, but in such situations there is often a need for even more precise positioning. In such cases, it is possible to employ a lift centring device (HZE) with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.02 mm.