Naturally, STEIN also provides all the accessories needed to install or connect individual components. If parts are not included with an item or are required as replacement parts, they can be ordered separately.



Angle bracket (VW)

Connects conveyors to each other with an angle bracket.



  • 2 brackets,
  • 8 screws



Transverse-section bracket (OSH)

To fix transverse sections to the main belt.



  • 2¬†transverse section brackets
  • 4 M6 slotted nuts
  • 6 M6 screws



 Slotted nut

For mounting various STEIN components on the T-slot profile of the belt members.


Available in:

  • M6
  • M5



Spacer plate (ZP) for stoppers


  • Includes screws (25 x M3)



Adjustable foot


  • Allows precise height-adjustment of the column or double column.



Proximity sensor cable (KNS)


  • 1 x 5 m cable (24 V DC)
  • 1 connector, 1 open end