Part faults by workpiece carrier
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Station faults
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Statistic & Traceability

The STEIN system controller has central access to all production data and manages this information. Additionally, the same data can be used for analysis and the compilation of statistics without difficulty.

The (optional) statistics tool of STEIN CONTROL presents customers with a variety of options to evaluate and display data so that every aspect of production is easy to visualise.

The software contains the following evaluation options:

  • Number of conveyor stops
  • Duration of conveyor stops
  • Production statistics – status reports
  • Shift comparison
  • aults by workpiece carrier (system)
  • Fault code comparison
  • Station fault
  • Workstation fault
  • Faults by workpiece carrier (station)
  • Station throughput
  • Station status

All information can be displayed and printed in graphical or tabular format.

Traceability is an important tool for the control and optimisation of production. Since all logistics data pass through the central STEIN master unit, the option exists to store certain (production) data in a master database. This option makes it possible to archive the data for individual production steps and to trace them at a later date.