Our Control Philosophy

The flow of materials made possible by an efficient system is the lifeline of a successful production operation. However, a system can only be as efficient as its controls.

For this reason, there is more than just a clever design and good software behind the STEIN 300 system controls – they are the product of a philosophy that STEIN applies to all of its systems: to make work easier for customers and go the crucial extra mile in development.

As a result, STEIN controls are prepared for almost any change, conversion or expansion that may take place in a production process over the years. Thanks to our many years of experience in developing interfaces with mechanical engineering companies, our customers can rest assured that choosing STEIN is the right decision when it comes to controls as well as components. Every transfer system we supply is commissioned for testing at STEIN and accepted by the customer on our premises. This means that every system is tested and delivered in working order.

Clever customers think ahead – with controls that are prepared for any eventuality and are extremely straightforward to operate.