For heavy items

The STEIN 500 performs particularly heavy jobs. It transports heavy workpieces weighing up to 80 kg safely and effortlessly through the production process.The products can even overhang the edges. Despite the heavy parts, configuration and control of the system is still easy with tried-and-trusted STEIN LOGISTIC.  

Efficient for heavy workpieces

This efficient and safe solution in particular impresses operators every day. The pallets do not bump against each other, preventing wear, vibration and noise despite the workpieces weighing up to 80 kg. Various products in a variety of sizes can be transported at the same time on one pallet.

Easier transport

Gentle, fast and jam-free transport is made possible with intelligent EC motors, and the pallets themselves move on ball-bearing rollers so that their heavy weight does not become an obstacle.

Lasting benefits

  • extremely quiet
  • also suitable for overhanging products
  • for weights up to 80 kg
  • pallet sizes from 450 x 450 mm to 1,200 x 800 mm
  • flexible and jam-free transport

STEIN 500 in Action

At STEIN, your employees take centre stage

In addition to the subject of networking, STEIN also promotes mechanical innovation. Ergonomics plays a very important role here. With our systems, operators are free to decide whether they want to sit or stand to work. The height of the conveyor belt automatically adapts to the requirements of your employees.

Stein-Automation STEIN 300


– SOFTMOVE – The gentle drive of the motors dramatically reduces noise. Pallets do not bump against each other. Belts do not wear through.



 – Folding element – Free access to closed internal spaces in the system allows installation technicians to work in a relaxed – and more successful – way. This can reduce the breastfeeding time.



– Display terminal – The product communicates with the operator. This supports the working process directly, especially since this feature is also available as a navigator.

Stein-Automation STEIN 300


– STEIN LOGISTIC – Individual orders and entire production schedules can be created at the click of a mouse. This allows our customers to configure their processes very easily without having to do any programming.



 – Height adjustable – Everyone is unique and has their own ideal working height. With STEIN, operators are free to choose the height, allowing them to stay relaxed to provide the best performance. Your employees and customers will certainly thank you.



– Durability – The longevity of the transfer line as well as the competent advice are confirmed repeatedly by our customers. Continuous improvement is firmly anchored in our daily work.


The STEIN 300 has a fixed place in over 3,500 assembly halls. With a vast range of customers and in a wide variety of configurations. From a simple circuit right through to ERP connection or traceability functionality, each installation is custom-made for our customers using a standard toolkit.

STEIN 300e

STEIN promotes the trend towards electrification with the STEIN 300e, which is based on the STEIN 300. Instead of pneumatics, the stoppers, transfer units or centering devices are controlled via electric drives. This is particularly a big advantage for cleanroom applications. As a side benefit, your production is more environmentally friendly.

STEIN Logistic

The sophisticated control system inspires the users with its simple operation and flexibility. Order and product management and especially the timetable can be easily created and changed without SPS programming knowledge. Especially in times of Industry 4.0 the vertical integration is possible by STEIN LOGISTICS.