The stop plates and milled sections can be seen on the base of the workpiece carrier. These are required to stop the workpiece carrier.


Frame workpiece carrier


The right workpiece carrier is located in a workstation stopping station.

A workstation pre-stopper brings the next workpiece carrier to a halt by the rear stop plate.

In workstations, centring rails can be used to position the workpiece carrier (± 0.2 mm).




Workpiece carriers (WT)

Workpiece carriers (WT) act as part of a transfer system to guide products along an optimal path through the assembly line. These components rest on the two belts of the conveyor, which propels them forward. Guide rails mounted on the side of the belt profile direct the workpiece carriers.

Galvanised and rubber stop plates on each corner of the workpiece carrier serve to hold it securely at the stop latches. The stop plates also make contact with the sensors for switches, stoppers and other components mounted to the conveyor.

There are milled grooves in the base of the workpiece carriers. This allows them to be kept apart using stoppers. Additionally, when it is necessary to process the product from beneath, a frame workpiece carrier can be used upon request. On these components, the entire area inside the grooves is cut out.

Centring rails can be installed at the appropriate processing stations, where they engage with the centring pins that are fixed as standard on the underside of the workpiece carriers. This approach achieves a centring accuracy of ± 0.2 mm. For even more precise positioning (± 0.02 mm), the workpiece carrier can optionally be fitted with a centring bush in connection with a centring device (HZE, ZED, etc.).


Workpiece carrier sizes: from 160 to 400 mm (step-less) additional sizes and custom sizes upon request. Total load capacity: up to 20 kg, including product.



  • One base support from fully machined aluminium
  • Four stop plates (300 010 005), hardened, galvanised and rubberised
  • Eight screws (S31 328), self-locking and galvanised
  • Eight hardened centring pins (300 135 006)
  • Two or four centring bushes (optional) (S31 276)
  • Two code carriers (optional) – only for controlled systems


Workpiece carrier in a stopping station. The stop latch is fixed to a dual-action cylinder and brings the workpiece carrier to a halt by the stop plate.