After the 180° transfer unit has lifted the workpiece carrier onto the parallel conveyor, the original outside edge is now on the inside. Turning units are used if the workpiece carrier is required to travel in a different orientation.

U180 (PB>280 mm) AC motor

This transfer unit can set down workpiece carriers on a belt running in parallel to the initial direction of transport. A lifting device raises the workpiece carrier once the conveyor has positioned it above the transfer unit. The precise position can easily be defined using a configuration of outside sensors and stoppers. The unit consists of a single element for workpiece carriers with a pallet width of up to 280 mm, which facilitates the transfer process. For larger workpiece carriers, the central element is replaced with rollers that are not driven, and the transfer unit is divided into two parts with two motors.




  • Two lifting devices with sheet-metal protective coating
  • Two belt drive motors