Detailed view of the open conveyor end.

Alternatively, an AC motor can be chosen with either a terminal box or a pre-installed cable.

Process conveyor

Conveyors transport the workpiece carriers, which rest firmly on belts driven by a motor. The STEIN conveyor stands out not only for its versatile fields of application, but especially because it is available in a broad range of versions. Such diversity means the component can meet the demands of the most varied production scenarios.

Similar to conveyors with an open pulley system, process conveyors are open at one end. However, there is no housing for the pulley systems at the open end. Instead, the guide profile is left open so that the drive belt can run to the outermost end of the conveyor. Workpiece carriers are transported to the end of the conveyor to achieve the smallest possible distance before handover to downstream processes. This makes the process conveyor ideal for leading workpiece carriers into processing stations.



  • One end of the guide profile is left open
  • Workpiece carriers are moved to the outermost end of the conveyor
  • Optionally supplied with a plastic guide rail or roller cassettes