Workpiece carrier with round recess in the processing position. Thanks to this gap in the design of the HZEO, the workpiece can also be processed from below.



Available as an additional accessory, we can supply holding-down clamps that also precisely position the height of workpiece carriers and prevent them from being unintentionally withdrawn during or after a processing operation.

(See HZE with holding-down clamps.)

Open lift centring device (HZEO)

Open lift centring devices are installed in the STEIN 300. In combination with the STEIN 300, HZEO units facilitate the following operations:

  • The precise positioning of workpiece carriers (and thus the workpieces they hold).
  • Access to workpiece carriers from above and from below.
  • Lifting and support of workpiece carriers during forceful processing operations on the workpiece.


Workpiece carriers are brought to a halt by a stopper and pre-positioned. The entire lift centring device is then raised by pneumatics. The centring bold engages with the centring bushes on the workpiece carrier and precisely positions it with an accuracy of ┬▒ 0.02 mm. The entire workpiece carrier rests firmly on the base plate of the lift centring device and is ready for processing.