View from above. The workstation pre-stopper (ASI-AS) is at the top left. At the lower right is a workstation stopper (ASI-ASA), which brings the workpiece carrier to a halt before it can be centred and lifted by the HZE.






Lift centring device (HZE)

Lift centring devices are installed in the STEIN 300 transfer system. In combination with the transfer system, HZE units facilitate the following operations:

  • The precise positioning of workpiece carriers (and thus the workpieces they hold).
  • Lifting and support of workpiece carriers during forceful processing operations on the workpiece.


Other advantages of the unit include:

  • Less strain on the conveyor while workpieces are being processed.
  • Reduced wear on the drive belt.


Workpiece carriers are brought to a halt by a stopper and pre-positioned. The entire lift centring device is then raised by pneumatics. The centring bolt engages with the centring bushes on the workpiece carrier and precisely positions it with an accuracy of ± 0.02 mm. The entire workpiece carrier rests firmly on the base plate of the lift centring device and is ready for processing.