3D details can be found on the page for the conveyor with roller cassettes.

ESD conveyor

Conveyors transport the workpiece carriers, which rest firmly on belts driven by a motor. The STEIN conveyor stands out not only for its versatile fields of application, but especially because it is available in a broad range of versions. Such diversity means the component can meet the demands of the most varied production scenarios.

Electrostatic charges caused by movements of the conveyor can create problems when the workpieces being transported are electrostatic-sensitive components. A practical preventive measure that is easy to integrate are roller conveyor profiles that dissipate electrostatic discharge. Two bolts mounted in the belt profile create a connection between the drive belt and the earth of the equipment. This prevents the conveyor and workpiece carrier from becoming charged while protecting against a potential change when individual elements are passed.



  • safe protection of sensitive products from electrostatic charges
  • meets standards DIN 22104 and ISO R284
  • complies with IEC/DIN EN 61340-5-1 (Protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena)