The left side shows the conveyor with a drive belt. The right side shows the roller cassettes, which are located underneath the belt.


Alternatively, a conventional AC motor can be chosen with either a terminal box or a pre-installed cable.

Conveyor with roller cassettes

Conveyors transport the workpiece carriers, which rest firmly on belts driven by a motor. The STEIN conveyor stands out not only for its versatile fields of application, but especially because it is available in a broad range of versions. Such diversity means the component can meet the demands of the most varied production scenarios.

The use of roller cassettes instead of plastic guide rails beneath the drive belts increases the performance of the conveyor. Lower friction resistance leads to a significantly longer service life of the drive belt and thus to reduced service and maintenance work. Less wear from friction also means less dirt and a cleaner production environment.



  • Motor assembly as desired (front/rear, left/right)
  • Considerable less sliding friction
  • longer service life thanks to minimal wear and tear
  • less dirt