View from above.



3D details upon request. The drive motor can also be located away from the centre.


Conveyor with central motor

Conveyors transport the workpiece carriers, which rest firmly on belts driven by a motor. The STEIN conveyor stands out not only for its versatile fields of application, but especially because it is available in a broad range of versions. Such diversity means the component can meet the demands of the most varied production scenarios.

In contrast to standard conveyors, the drive motor on this model is mounted between the belt profiles. A torque bracket can be used to fix it flush with the left or right side of the support plate. This eliminates the possibility of any protruding edges, which might result from mounting the motor on the side.



  • no protruding edges on the side
  • compact design
  • optionally with a plastic guide rail or roller cassettes
  • both ends of the belt are left open