The above image shows an installation that makes use of radial tracks. In this configuration, EC motors have been used and the workpiece carriers travel in an anticlockwise direction

90° radial track

Radial tracks make it possible to alter the direction of workpiece carriers by 90° or 180°. In contrast to conventional corner transfer units, these allow the orientation of workpiece carriers to remain the same (the outside edge remains on the outside). To avoid congestion in the curved segment, workpiece carriers are separated before they move onto the radial track. Once a workpiece carrier has left the radial track, the next workpiece carrier can enter. Workpiece carriers are driven along the radial track by rollers, which in turn are driven by a rotating disc.

The 90° radial track directs the workpiece carrier onto a belt moving in a perpendicular direction.

As standard, radial tracks are available in the sizes 160×160, 240×240, 320×320 and 400×400 mm. Custom sizes can be supplied on request.



  • The orientation of workpieces remains the same.
  • Very robust and low-wear.
  • Available with AC or EC motor.